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The Most Fun Way To Learn About
Parrots And Their Environments!
by Jason Caryl-TAF ©1998
Nine years ago, Chris was an engineering student studying hard and riding his motorcycle with Jeremy his pet Blue and Gold Macaw. "He would ride on the handlebars and yell at everyone as we were going by. People were always stopping us and asking us to come to their parties, schools..."

Today, Chris is a fully out- fitted captain with a crew of maties, 40 parrots, and a 45ft ship called the "Nesika"!

The name of their group is E.S.E.N.C.E.-(Endangered Species & Environments, National Center for Education), and their goal, "To educate people about parrots and give "homeless" parrots a lifetime good home.

"People loved Jeremy. We were constantly being asked to visit schools, business and birthday parties, and other social events. I realized that this was a great opportunity to help people learn about parrots and their environ-ments. Many people's only experience with these birds, has been on TV or in the movies. There is a lot more to them than what they've seen.

We try to present the parrots to people in a

more 'natural' setting and give people a chance to see their true personalities."

ESENCE also runs a god-father program where people can come and take a bird for a few hours and spend time with them. This "Club Med", is a win-win situation. Many people's lives do not allow for owning a pet parrot. People may "adopt" a parrot by signing up to give daily or weekly routine attention, care, and love to a particular parrot. Having a friend for a while can make a big difference in a person's life. The birds love it too. The attention is good for them.

As if this wasn't enough, ESENCE has another project in the works. Creating a parrot park and sanctuary in the Pacific Northwest.

"The park will have a guided tour though it, an educational hands-on show, a pirate ship as display, a training facility, a rest area with benches where patrons can watch and enjoy the birds, and a petting and handling area."

"The goal is to combine the present show which ESENCE takes on the road and a sanctuary for parrots. We have had over 20 parrots given to us and know there are many reasons

why people have to give up their birds. People who wish to give a pet bird away, usually are searching for a permanent "good home" where the birds can be happy for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, many of these birds are not ideal pets and get "passed around" from home to home, averaging about 2 years per home. As parrots often bond/mate for life, this home/companion shuffling is very hard on them".

"Our goal is to create as natural an environment as possible, where the birds have the choice of hanging out with other birds of their species, flying and showing off and/or playing with humans, choosing their own mate and being happy with their mate. To us, this means several very large flight cages (75'Wx200'Lx40'H) with real trees and bushes, etc."

To make the park more entertaining for the visitors, the park may have a "pirate" theme, complete with a revolutionary period pirate ship, and the non-featured crew of the park will wear "pirate style" outfits.

"We believe it's about time that the Nothwest gets a parrot park. We believe it would help a lot of parrots and

a lot of people to live happier and richer lives."

How you can help?

To offer support for this project please call: 1(360)498-5559 or 1(800)355-9059

or write: E.S.E.N.C.E

P.O.Box 782, Morton, WA 98356

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