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John & Kurla - Funtastic Birds
(209)       Fresno area, CA

Quality handfed babies and breeder pairs.

Small hobby aviary in California. Last one, very sweet male RED BELLIED from parents we raised ourselves. Both parents talk and the baby is already trying to talk as well. We are also currently handfeeding baby SENEGALS that will be ready about the first of July. RED BELLIED and SENEGALS $300.00ea. 2 Proven PAIR SENEGALS $550.00pr. 1 Proven PAIR MEYERS $600.00pr. 1 PAIR RED BELLIES just set up $550.00pr. 2 bonded PAIR GREEN RUMP PARROTLETS $250.00pr. 1 bonded PAIR GREEN CHEEK CONURES $200.00pr. All pairs in perfect health and feather. Proven pairs sit on their eggs and feed their young. Would consider trades for Proven TAGS and CAGS if you can e-mail me a picture. I can e-mail you a picture of any of the above birds. You can see our beautiful bird family on our homepage at: