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Kirk Thomas
(904)755-0083       Lake City, FL

Bird-Ez Freedom Cages & Pet Grounds:

Give your bird the feeling of freedom with a Freedom Flyte cage or travel case. Constructed out of 1/4" plexi Glass and Pvc, for a no mess and EZZ of cleaning, never a mess to vacuum up. Well vented and comes custom sized to your bird. We also carry a complete line of Freedom Petgrounds, All construced out of PVC and completely portable, and Also non-toxic and dishwasher safe. The petgrounds are hours of excitement and exercise for any bird. Check out the freedom travel case. It straps in to any seat belt and gives you pet the comfort and security while allowing him or her to view the enviroment. It has a handy shoulder strap for Ezzy Carrying and converts to a handle at the pull of a strap. Comes with a quick clean removable carpet of artificial grass and a centered perch. We also carry a complete line of toys and accessories to accommodate the needs of every birds Fancy. For more INFO. please E-mail your Questions to